Hi I’m an executive coach and consultant based in London – I own a small company Chelsham through which I, and associates, work with leaders & organisations as they seek to unlock their potential. My previous career was as an HRD.

Alongside this I’m also a very keen photographer – mostly amateur but possibly on the cusp of becoming semi-professional. Let’s see. My portfolio is dominated by black & white shots, street & urban photography, shots using the sky and other blues, architecture and then some travel work. In positive psychology terms, photography is my ‘third place’. I believe in channeling energy (or trying to) and mindfulness so regularly work on both including on retreats which are usually in different parts of Spain & Portugal.

My passions are music, travel and cinema/theatre and, having worked in the charity sector and as an FRSA, I’m often to be found campaigning on health, social justice and inclusion. I’m married to a wonderful Italian and love Italian food, wine, mountains, lakes and beaches. Finally, for those who are interested, I tend to use my trusty Nikon D7100 and my favourite current lens is my Nikon 10-24mm AF-S f/3.5-4.5G. I do some post-production in Lightroom but try to keep it ‘light’ and I don’t use Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy my website.

My Story

My passion for photography continues to grow.

The background to Tony Jackson Photography is a fairly simple story: I started experimenting by including some of my work in my and my company’s Twitter feeds – without a particularly obvious objective other than to share and maybe to introduce people to the idea of seeking inspiration in new and different places.

There was a surprisingly positive reaction and, as a result, I subsequently integrated my work into my company’s brand. For me there has always been something truly inspiring about wandering around – for example through the streets of a city – and finding views, angles, perspectives. I’ve blogged before about how this can lift my spirits. It can be challenging arriving into a new place with me – I am less interested in the ‘set pieces’ featured in the guidebooks than I am in the people, the colours, the ambience, the shadows, the vibe, the unexpected and the sky. I wander. I suppose I am a flâneur and you can see this in my photos, particularly in the emphasis on street photography.

I’ve started to realise that I reveal, or find, the authentic me through my photography. And as it’s such a stimulating place for me I hope you find something inspiring in it too.

That’s the idea behind this website…..

…..mostly for me as I attempt to curate my work, but also for you.